Application Completeness Overview

July 24, 2023

The central console of an application is one of the key features in KYCP, a screen that shows all the elements that are required on a subject. Be it an individual or a corporate relationship you are dealing with, the central console of compliance shows the entire orchestrated dataset, giving the team the ability to work on an application in the most efficient way.

In the middle column of this applications screen exists the real time risk score dial.
KYC Portal CLM 
This score dial is made up of the three visual layers. The inner dial shows the numeric value of the score with the respective background colour of the defined band. Next layer (in yellow) shows this same numeric score (ex: 78%) as a dial out of 100, and the outer third layer shows the percentage completeness of the application itself.
This last outer dial of percentage completeness gives the user an idea of how much more work needs to be done to finalise the entity or the application. This dial recalculates based on what you are choosing. Whilst this visual cue was being used to know how to progress with an application, there was no means to see all the elements that were missing in the entity or application.
KYC Portal CLM 
This new feature moves the functionality of the percentage completeness from the outer dial into a new button under the risk dial. This new button shows the percentage completeness of the entity or application based on what you have selected in the structure chart. If you click on the button, KYCP will show you a list of all the elements that are still pending. If clicked whilst selecting the APPLICATION node, the system will present all of the missing items grouped by entity. If you click on this new button whilst having an entity selected, it will only load the missing items for the respective entity. This list can also be printed whilst in the panel of missing items.
KYC Portal CLM 
The calculation of percentage completeness is based on missing mandatory fields, mandatory documents, mandatory questionnaires and unticked checklist items.
This new feature focuses on improving the user experience so that a user can quickly view what is missing in an entire application rather than having to review each entity one by one.
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Targeted For Compliance teams and managing onboarding of counterparts
Status LIVE
Keywords percentage completeness, missing KYC, onboarding, automation
Direct Benefits Ability to quickly view all pending items of AML and KYC on any type of counterpart based on the real time risk