Case Manager Added Features

February 01, 2023

There are two types of programmes in KYC Portal CLM, the standard programme called KYC (focused on the due diligence side of an application) as well as the Case Manager type of programme. This focuses on creating a different view or subset of data, linked to a KYC application, but which set of data does not relate to the KYC process itself. This allows you to create an entire new set of data and document requirements for an application, which data can be managed by a set of users who do not have access to view the respective KYC record.

There are various use cases of using the Case Management tool. Clients in gaming are using this tool to keep the data that relates to Responsible Gaming separate from the KYC and AML record of a player. Some clients use the case manage to manage and process client operational records (such as bank details, employees, tax records, transaction related activities and more) whilst we have use cases of maintaining the ESG record of a KYC record.

KYC Portal CLM

The greatest benefit of this module is the ability to decide what data is shared between the two programmes and what is only accessible in one programme and the other. This leads to reducing duplication of records on counterparties as the data is centralised across the programmes whilst still allowing for the creation of data elements that only appear in one of the programmes only. Example, the “source of funds” of a counterparty is only visible in the KYC record for the compliance team, the “tax declarations” only visible in the Case Manager record for the audit team, but the “company name”, “registration number” and “address” are common to both.

The new features being added to this module are the ability to have full reporting capability on all case manager records as well as the introduction of a totally separate risk module for Case Manager. This is allowing customers to create a secondary concept of risk on the Case Manager record of a counterparty that is separate from the AML risk itself. Examples include the Responsible Gaming Risk, Business Appetite and ESG Risk.
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Targeted For Use cases where a case file is needed for KYC related counterparties
Status LIVE
Keywords CLM, automation, KYC, due diligence, AML, risk assessment
Direct Benefits Ability to create a different subset of non-KYC related data on an application with new ability to associate separate scoring and ability to export in reporing.