Central Console of Compliance - Video

March 11, 2019

What makes us different is the fact that we have built a system from scratch specifically based on the requirements of compliance function across various industries. This opposed to the other systems on the market, which were built to do another function (such as a CRM or core ERP systems) and were slightly adapted for the requirements of compliance teams.

KYC Portal was built specifically for the compliance function within organisations, the requirements of which were actually drafted by senior personnel within compliance functions in various industries on the market. This session of requirements gathering gave us an incredibly valuable insight into how compliance teams work across various markets and industries. This knowledge helped us in building the most complete end-to-end KYC solution on the market.

This screen is what we call the central console of compliance, a screen that collates all the aspects that anyone in compliance would want to see and have access to on a customer. This screen centralises all the data into one place including the hierarchy of the client structure you are on-boarding, the data, the real-time risk, the audits, documents, forms, face to face, screening service results and much more. The central console is beneficial as it gives the user an instant perception of the overall view of the customer and the current situation, centralising also all the notifications and actions that relate to this application. Such a console avoids compliance in having the data on subjects in disparate systems and also in multiple locations.
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Targeted For Compliance and Due Diligence teams and agents
Status LIVE
Keywords compliance, central console, collated information
Direct Benefits Allows the agent to see the full real-time picture on and subject at any point in time.