Sourcing Company House Data from third parties through KYC Portal

July 07, 2022

One of the most time-consuming elements in due diligence processes is the research that the compliance teams must conduct in order to build the key principles and related entities behind a corporate structure. A never-ending task that requires a lot of manual input and checking - checking that is often conducted across multiple sources to ensure that the data that is being input into KYC Portal is as correct as possible.

Clients often use third-party systems that offer such data services. There are many private entities that offer these services as well as public entities such as Companies House Data. Their interfaces facilitate searches on a given corporate, producing the details of its structure. Yet, following such searches, your team have the time-consuming task of inputting these details into your internal systems.
KYC Portal has now launched an invaluable module within the product - the Corporate Source Register (CSR). This module allows any KYCP user to trigger searches with selected third-party providers from within the product; a feature that allows you to review the results, choose the corporate or individual that you would like to import the data for (including all the related parties and key principles behind said corporate), all at a click of a button.
This module even allows you to view the differences between the data you already have in KYCP as well as the data that the third party provided for comparison purposes. You can then decide which data you would like to store in KYCP. Upon import, KYCP will build the entire hierarchy with the related parties and documents that the third party provided.
KYC Portal CLM - GRC Automation
This is the first phase of this module in KYCP. Our team are already working on enabling searches against multiple providers. This will allow for more consistency and certainty on the data being imported and will include other features such as ongoing monitoring of imported applications, adding even more value to reducing risk on all your subjects in KYCP.
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Targeted For Compliance and Operations Teams
Status LIVE
Keywords company house data, scraping company data
Direct Benefits Ability to use KYCP to build the entire company hierarchy with the related parties and documents that the third-party provided