Custom Watchlists and Blacklists

April 25, 2024

One of the most important elements in governance, risk and control processes is the real time availability of data sets to ensure that you are not being exposed to risk. Data sets could be both provided from third-parties such as screening data on PEP exposure, sanctions, credit risk and adverse media but also from internal data sets of subjects built over a number of years.

KYC Portal integrates with any third-party data source to be able to conduct both manual searches as well as automated monitoring on subjects. To date, the system has been integrated with a variety of third-party providers to provide real time alerts on subjects be it individuals or legal entities. The importance of integrating such providers with KYCP is crucial to deliver ongoing business benefit. The ongoing real time monitoring of subjects reduces risk exposure in between periodical reviews, alerting your team the instant that you are being exposed to risk. This is better known as perpetual KYC, whereby the real time assessment of subjects if being addressed the minute a risk element is raised.

Based on market demand however, clients tend to have their own lists often referred to as internal watch lists or blacklists. These are entities that for whatever reason, the institution does not want to do business with or alert to increase caution. This new feature in KYCP allows us to integrate such internal lists as a screening provider. The solution will treat these internal lists like any other screening provider we integrate with allowing the user to conduct manual searches on such lists as well as enable ongoing monitoring on the entire database. Whenever the internal lists are updated, the system will act accordingly and consider the new data as part of the ongoing updates. KYCP also allows you to add as many custom lists as required.
For more information, contact us directly on or schedule your live demo with us today. If you are an existing client and you would like more information about this feature, please contact our CRM Team.
Targeted For Reducing risk exposure based on internal risk
Status LIVE
Keywords screening, AML, ongoing monitoring, risk exposure
Direct Benefits Ability to streamline internal watchlists and blacklists for real time due diligence