Dashboard Enhancements

February 01, 2023

One of the most important aspects of reporting in KYC Portal CLM is the real time Dashboard. This is a static view of the real time data in KYC Portal CLM showing various collections of data in different formats.

This module shows the overall total number of applications across Programmes split by STATUS which the applications are in, as well as split by ROLE. Another pie-chart shows the overall risk exposure across all Programmes as well as split by Programme to understand which product or service is leading to the highest risk exposure. Other widgets show newly create applications over time, the type of entities across Programmes as well as REVIEWS over time. The latter shows all applications that have a REVIEW date associated, not only in the past but also upcoming dates helping in seeing the future expected workload for the compliance teams based on the current applications and their risk.

KYC Portal CLM

In a recent product release, we see several new enhancements being added to the dashboard. Each of the pie charts in the dashboard represents applications that are in an ACTIVE / OPEN status only. The pie charts used to ignore any applications that are sitting in statuses that are of type CLOSED or ON HOLD. The new release allows the user to include applications within these ON HOLD and CLOSED statuses should they prefer. Clicking on this feature will reload the data taking into consideration the new settings.

The loading of the interface is also taking into consideration the access that the user in question has when accessing the dashboard. If the user has access to one programme only, the dials will load that programme only.

KYC Portal CLM

One of the major benefits delivered with the latest release is the ability to click on any segment of the pie charts in the dashboard, directing the user to the ready-filtered applications that make up the chosen segment. An example of this can be seen in the screenshot above. Once the user clicks on the segment in the pie chart by status, the system presented all the applications that make up that segment.
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Targeted For Reporting and overview of all data in KYC Portal CLM
Status LIVE
Keywords CLM, automation, KYC, due diligence, AML, risk assessment
Direct Benefits Ability to drill down into pie charts in the dashboard to quickly filter and select applications making up that segment in the report.