Notes module focusing on workflow actions and user comments

April 25, 2024

The NOTES panel in KYCP stores a detailed tamper proof audit of all actions conducted within an application or entity. This audit helps in ensuring the integrity of the due diligence process on any application all throughout the lifecycle of a counterpart.

The NOTES module includes all aspects of any user action such as opening an application, uploading a document, changing a status of an application and much more. It allows users to add notes manually within this section to keep as part of the audit trail of the application. This module is also used to communicate with counterparts on actions that they need to do within the outreach modules, allowing even the client or counterpart to add comments to the application. This module also audits all automated actions on the application or entity. These include actions done via scripts and also via the REST API of KYC Portal. Any field whose value has been changed is kept within this section showing both the previous value as well as the new one. A vital function to ensure regulatory compliance.

This module however, over time, and the more the system is used, has become too data rich, to an extent that it was not providing the best experience to the users. Once applications are used on a regular basis and due to the fact that a record in KYC Portal becomes a living record of governance and regulatory compliance, the notes section had a lot of data to trail to. There was too much data for a user to quickly skim through the steps that the application went through in the workflow (statuses) or see the comments left by previous colleagues or clients. The improvement applied to this module addresses this exact issue.


By default, the NOTES tab in KYC Portal will now only show the ones that relate to the workflow of the application or entity as well as the notes that have been manually input by the user or counterpart. This makes the NOTES tab more user friendly, allowing the user to quickly skim through the actual comments added by colleagues and clients as well as the statuses of the application.

A message will be shown explaining that all system generated notes are hidden from this tab, allowing the user to click on the link to view all notes. This link will take the user to the NOTES screen which provides visibility of all audits as well as the ability to search and filter based on type, date and text.


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Targeted For Communication amongst users and clients
Status LIVE
Keywords communication, audit, GRC workflow
Direct Benefits Ability to quickly view all workflow tasks and actions on an application or entity