Dynamic Screening Results

February 01, 2023 Almost all of our clients integrate their preferred third-party screening service provider into their KYC Portal CLM for added automation within the overall lifecycle. Integrating such third parties adds a lot of value to the overall lifecycle of counterparties as the compliance team get to use one system for the overall process from onboarding all throughout the ongoing relationship with subjects. The level of automation once such integrations are done is very beneficial in streamlining the overall process. From automated monitoring on subjects based on risks to the automatic impact on risk assessment and the flow of an application based on the decisions that users are taking on screening results.

When such results are displayed, KYC Portal CLM presents all the results coming from the third-party allowing the users in KYC Portal to view and browse through the respective potential matches.

KYC Portal CLM

The new feature being released focuses on this display of results. Based on client demand, we have been asked to be able to show more detail within the results to quickly have the ability to understand whether the results are a false positive or not.

The configuration now allows to add multiple fields with each result in the grid. Such fields and what to show, depend on the third-party in question. Whatever field is provided by such third parties however, can now be exposed in this grid. This includes the category of the results (such as PEP, Adverse Media, Enforcement, etc) as well as the Score provided by the third party.

KYC Portal CLM

This avoids the need to have to go through each result in detail, allowing you, at a glance to tick the ones that are not your subject and mark them as NO MATCH in bulk.
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Targeted For The ability to expose more data of integrated third parties
Status LIVE
Keywords CLM, risk automation, CRA, KYC, AML
Direct Benefits Users can discount false positives faster and in bulk without having to go into the detail of each one.