Eliminating the dependence on email in KYC and due diligence

March 26, 2019

The reliance on email communication with subjects throughout on-boarding and ongoing aspects of KYC and due diligence is a nightmare. Chasing subjects on missing information, receiving data and documents as attachments to emails and many other tasks lead to various concerns. From the security of attachments in emails, misplaced documents, auditing all communication and also concerns of GDPR. The embedded CHAT module within KYCP removes the dependence on email in its entirety.

The chat module within the Customer Outreach Tool of KYC Portal allows for a fully secure and audited means of communication between the due diligence agents of the organisation with any of their subject be it corporate structures or individuals.
This module allows for three methods of communication namely:
  • Real-time Chat
    This module allows the parties to have a real-time chat among parties. This chat is fully audited against the application in a tamper-proof audit. The chat module allows for multiple parties to be involved at the same time (for corporate entities) or else one-to-one for individual entities. This replaces the need to have queries being tackled over email, which emails would still then need to be stored against an application for a full historical record.

  • Real-time Audio Calls
    Throughout the chat itself and within the same user experience for the end-customer, the parties can initiate a real-time audio call which allows the parties to engage in a normal phone call using KYC Portal. This audio call is also fully recorded and audited against the application in question with the ability to play it back at any point in time.

  • Real-time Face to Face Calls
    Another crucial feature within the verification process of individuals is the face to face communication whereby the entities can engage in a video call whereby the video of both the subject as well as the agent of the organisation are instantly being recorded and yet again added to the tamper-proof audit of the application. This video can also be played back at any point in time by the agent.
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Targeted For Banks, Financial Services, Insurance, Payments, Gaming, Legal, Pharmaceuticals
Status LIVE
Keywords kyc, communication, client outreach, due diligence
Direct Benefits Removing the dependence on email and allows for a secure method of communication with subjects which is fully audited.