Instant Company Structure Chart

March 25, 2019

Such a simple chart yet one of the most time-consuming tasks for compliance teams, that of constantly having a clear picture of the corporate structures at hand and the way it changed over time. Here is the automated module of KYC Portal that generates the company structure chart within a matter of seconds.

This module within KYC Portal allows the user to generate the company structure chart at any point in time basing the starting point on any entity within the structure. Be it an individual or a company, KYC Portal will build the entire chart in a matter of seconds.
The solution also allows the user to see the structure of the company in a back-dated manner, giving the user full insight as to how the structure changed over time. This is a crucial aspect within the regulatory process as all past changes are audited.
Also, this module has a very powerful "bird's eye view" which allows you to see the involvement of an entity in particular across the entire organisation. This would instantly show you where the entity is linked and what hat are they wearing within each entity. This module will instantly show you the risk that you are exposed to on the multiple involvements of the entity across structures. 
The list of fields that you would like to show within each box within the organigram is defined in the configuration engine of the system allowing you to tweak these at any point in time. The module also allows you to show the risk percentage of the entity within the box. Clicking on any node will allow the user to see the detail of the respective entity and also the ability to hide an entire hierarchy for printing purposes. It also allows the user to change the direction of the tree at any point in time. Another crucial feature is the signatory who will certify this structure. When trying to print the solution will prompt the user to input the details of who will be signing it off, and prepares the layout for printing with a dated timestamp.
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Targeted For Audit firms, Banks, Legal, Financial Services
Status LIVE
Keywords due diligence, compliance, company structure
Direct Benefits Reduces effort of compiling such charts every time and instantly audits all past movements. Major benefit is the bird's eye view giving you an overall view of involved parties in a matter of seconds.