Face-to-Face Video Calls with Biometrics

March 10, 2023

Verification using biometric facial recognition is becoming an increasingly popular part of the customer onboarding and ongoing process. The COVID-19 pandemic exponentiated the issue of having to meet a high-risk client face-to-face due to lockdowns and restrictions. This led to extra due diligence efforts to be able to adhere to regulatory requirements. This is where KYC Portal came in handy and quickly became a must-have product for many organisations which allowed them to continue working remotely and seamlessly and achieve the “met face-to-face” requirement.

KYC Portal’s face-to-face module allows organisations to be able to conduct an online video interview with biometric facial recognition with an agent of the organisation. KYCP enables the ulterior biometric verification of a subject’s identity by comparing the facial features during the live video face-to-face interview, with the photographs from a variety of identity documents submitted as part of the onboarding process, using the embedded video technology present within the platform. Going above and beyond the existing regulatory requirements, this feature provides the ulterior security against potentially fraudulent applicants.
As with all interactions in KYCP, all recordings are included in the end-to-end audit trail, stored using secure encryption and cannot be accessed outside of KYCP, modified or tampered with, and can be played back at any point in time. The call records both the agent window as well as the customer window. Physical face-to-face meetings are now a thing of the past, thanks to KYC Portal’s embedded video conferencing module. Clients can now be in the comfort of their own home whilst being interviewed and assessed during their due diligence process.
KYCP’s face-to-face module is also available through our Customer Outreach Tool’s CHAT feature. The Customer Outreach Tool is an embedded module that is part and parcel of the product which allows external subjects and corporates to be able to onboard themselves. The CHAT feature allows the end-user to request a chat, conduct audio calls and face-to-face calls, with the organisation in question.
KYC Portal streamlines and simplifies the onboarding process whilst allowing it all to be done 100% remotely and at the same time being automated and controlled through the back end of KYCP, increasing the efficiency of any compliance team. KYC Portal directly focuses on minimising the regulatory burden on business goals, and it has never been easier. The system also focuses on automating the operational aspect of compliance and due diligence, both from an onboarding perspective as well as the ongoing concern which also includes the screening for PEPs, sanctions and adverse media.
KYC Portal CLM is one of the most complete end-to-end Client Lifecycle Management solutions, catering for all the steps in the entire process and centralising the entire process flow involving all parties into one communal portal. 
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Targeted For Compliance and Operations Teams
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Direct Benefits KYC Portal allows organisations to continue working remotely and seamlessly and achieve the “met face-to-face” requirement.