Application Lifecycle Flow

November 10, 2023 One of the core components in KYC Portal CLM is the workflow engine. An engine that allows the users to create and manage the entire lifecycle of an application from onboarding all throughout the ongoing aspect of a relationship with a counterparty. The workflow allows the client to setup a “living” record of a counterparty, automating and centralising all the aspects of data be it populated internally, manually, by the customer or even through third party sources.
The STATUS module in KYCP allows the user to define and build the entire workflow. The user gets to decide what each status is called, what statuses follow what other statuses and also the ROLES who can click on what status. This builds the entire workflow of the overall solution. The client can also decide the default starting status of an application as well as the statuses in which the application is actually presented to the customer for access through the Customer Outreach Tool.
This new feature was based on the business use case of being able to see what statuses has the application passed through since creation as well as the ability to see what potential routes it might take. To view this lifecycle chart, the user would need to click on the status that the application is currently in (as depicted in the image below).
Once clicked, KYCP will show the following chart. This chart shows the historical movement of an application throughout its lifecycle.
The boxes are colour coded in a way to show the following:
- The status that the application is currently in is shown in GREEN.
- The statuses that the application has been through since being created are shown in BLUE.
- Any other statuses are showing in GREY.
This feature adds a lot of business benefit since users can easily analyse the course of action that was taken on an application to date however can also understand the potential routes the application might take going forward.
For more information, contact us directly on or schedule your live demo with us today. If you are an existing client and you would like more information about this feature, please contact our CRM Team.
Targeted For Staus Flow, Configuration
Status LIVE
Keywords workflow, lifecycle, status
Direct Benefits Ability to see what statuses the application has passed through since creation.