Detailed View of Manual Risk Override

January 23, 2023

KYC Portal CLM’s automated risk assessment module is calculating risk in real time on all subjects as well as on all the real time data points. KYC Portal CLM however also allows you to decide who (in your organisation) has the right to override risk.

KYC Portal CLM allows three levels of risk override based on the given rights, namely:

  1. The ability to override the risk for the overall application including all the related parties within.
  2. The ability to override risk at related party level (which will impact the risk assessment of the overall application).
  3. The ability to override the risk at category level. This being able to override the risk of a specific risk category of a related party.
This in turn will impact the overall risk assessment of the entire application. This new feature in KYCP CLM allows for a better representation of the risk matrix for all subjects whereby the solution will now show both the actual values of risk (that would be generated automatically by the solution based on your pre-defined configuration) as well as the overridden value that the user would have input.

Should the override be done at application level the solution will allocate the risk accordingly based on the pre set scores as shown in the image below.
KYC Portal CLM 

If the user has the right to override risk at category level, the system would need a mandatory comment for each category changed.
KYC Portal CLM 

Once the risk override is applied at risk category level the solution will audit and present the information in the following manner.
KYC Portal CLM 

All of the changes are stored as part of the audit itself and can also be printed to PDF for audit purposes at any point in time.
KYC Portal CLM 
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Targeted For Regulatory manual risk override
Status LIVE
Keywords CRA, Risk Assessment, KYC, AML
Direct Benefits Ability to manually risk override at application, entity and risk category level