Adding Manual Triggers in Forms

January 23, 2023

KYC Portal CLM allows your operations and compliance teams to build and manage all the forms within the system. Both for internal use as well as the forms that are made available to the customers via the inbuilt outreach modules are entirely dynamic and configurable in real time.

This form builder within KYC Portal CLM allows you to add any type of field including text, dates, dropdowns, numeric and much more. This latest feature allows you to add a BUTTON field anywhere in the forms. This is managed via the configuration studio as a new “field style”.
KYC Portal CLM

Once chosen it allows you to define the label of the button itself as well as the script that it should call when it's pressed. Scripts is another module in KYCP that allows you to define your own logic and code including the ability to call end points of other third-party tools.
KYC Portal CLM 

Once set, this button will appear as part of the flow in the actual form. This can be made visible both for internal users who are managing the form as well as external parties to whom you have given access to through the use of the customer outreach modules in KYC Portal CLM. Once clicked the system will save fields then will trigger the respective logic.
KYC Portal CLM 

This new feature has added a lot of flexibility within the forms themselves leading to benefits such as having the right information in real time, improving right-first-time applications and improved data quality. Use cases how this is being used vary based on client requirements. Some of the most common however, include the ability to verify information that is being input by customers in real time before being submitted and also retrieving exiting data of applications from internal third-party solutions to auto populate form details based on defined criteria.
Some clients are using this feature to calculate different elements of risk separate from AML, which result dictates the detail that needs to be collated at any point in time of the lifecycle.
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Targeted For Onboarding Forms and triggering instant API requests
Status LIVE
Keywords Onboarding, Client Outreach, Dynamic Forms
Direct Benefits Improved data quality, Right-First-Time