Single Customer View and Multiple Involvements

March 30, 2023

KYC Portal has an embedded feature that allows you to use the concept of a single customer view. This is the ability to re-use an entity (be it legal or natural person) across structures of counterparties as well as across services offered by the institution.

Subjects being involved in multiple services and products within an organisation is a common occurrence. Even more common is the aspect that such subjects will also have multiple involvements across legal structures. Be it an individual who could be a shareholder within many organisations as well as director and company secretary in others or else actual legal structures being involved in different counterparties.
KYC Portal CLM has a feature that allows the users to USE FROM EXISTING. A module that allows you to link the subject rather than create afresh. The solution allows you to define which data and documents should be linked to the entity. Such data would move with the subject increasing efficiencies and also reducing risk. Such data could include documents, screening data and results as well as any fields that you would have configured to be central to the subject.
This new feature allows you to view such involvements at a click of a button. Within the entity menu there is a new search option called "Show entity through applications".  
KYC Portal CLM 
When this button is clicked, the system will show all the involvements of this subject you selected. This will load all the instances of this subject across KYC Portal in a popup box similar to the below.
KYC Portal CLM 
The solution will show a line item for each instance of the subject. In each line item it will show in which programme that subject is listed as well as the type of entity that the subject is set within the respective programme. Clicking on the EDIT icon will take the user to the entity in the respective application (opening in a new tab).
For more information, contact us directly on or schedule your live demo with us today. If you are an existing client and you would like more information about this feature, please contact our CRM Team.
Targeted For Compliance teams and managing their counterparts
Status LIVE
Keywords multiple involvement, single customer view, kyc, aml
Direct Benefits Ability to quickly view the multiple involvements of an entity across the entire database