Integrated on-boarding customer outreach tool

March 14, 2019 Organisations who focus on improving their on-boarding processes often make the mistake of seeing this part of the process as a separate tool from their entire operation – an APP or some other third-party solution that digitises the steps of on-boarding a subject. This step is so ingrained in the organisation’s process, policy and entire business process that such detached systems cause more headaches than benefit. The on-boarding module within KYC Portal is called the Customer Outreach Tool, an embedded module that is part and parcel of the product which allows external subjects, be it corporate structures of individuals, to be able to on-board themselves.

The importance of this module being integrated within KYC Portal is critical as the data that the system presents to the end-user is dynamically maintained by the organisation itself. Due to changes in regulations, internal policy and market happenings the regulatory process changes constantly. The perception of risk, the documents requested from the type of entity being on-boarded, the data we ask for and also the type of forms that are required are all factors that change constantly and the compliance team within the organisation need to be able to implement these changes not only in KYC Portal but also have them reflected to all the subjects being on-boarded.

This is done seamlessly through the Customer Outreach Tool, whereby the system always presents the user with a guided three-step approach to any type of entity being on-boarded. An interface that was designed with the end-user in mind. All the information is presented to the user in a neat and simple form, however, the engine behind it is doing all the leg-work.

Based on the data that the customer is filling in in the first step (forms) the system is in real-time calculating the risk being perceived. Which risk is dynamically changing the requirements in the next steps (documents and questionnaires) based on the defined enhanced due diligence process set in KYCP. The user is also able to upload all the required documentation, fill in the requested questionnaires (such as source of funds, KYC forms, etc), and also be able to simply add related/involved parties within the structure in the case of corporate applications.

Another very important feature within this module is the ability to remove the dependence on email to communicate with subjects and collect information. The Customer Outreach Tool comes with an embedded proprietary module that allows the end-user to chat, conduct audio calls and face-to-face calls through embedded video conferencing technology with the organisation in question. All of these are stored in a tamper-proof audit with the ability to playback any past audio or video recording.

This module is already live and being used by customers to streamline the on-boarding as well as the ongoing aspect of KYC and due diligence of their subjects in an audited and secure way.

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Targeted For Banks, Financial Services, Insurance, Payments, Gaming, Legal, Pharmaceuticals
Status LIVE
Keywords customer outreach, on-boarding, KYC, due diligence
Direct Benefits Replacing the reliance on email to communicate with subjects throughout on-boarding and ongoing processes of KYC and due diligence