Real time automation of B2C / player KYC and AML obligations

March 20, 2020

The challenges that gaming operators face in keeping up with regulatory obligations are enormous! An industry that is so fast paced with constantly evolving regulatory and responsible gaming requirements, with such a large volume of players across brands and most of all dealing with a customer that (in most cases) is intent to deceive! No wonder all the fines, irrespective of how hard operators try to keep up in such a cutthroat market. This is how the power of KYC Portal helps.

KYC Portal is all about automation based on real-time risk values, which risk is defined and managed by yourself. Since the data on which risk is defined, as well as the definition of what is risk, is all in the hands of your compliance team, KYCP allows for all elements to be automated.

As you can see in the video above, KYC Portal starts off by allowing you to hook up all the sources of player data into one central system. Player data can be sourced directly through the online portals/brands or through the back-office CRMs that you already have in place. Once this data is in KYCP, it allows you to set the system to identify uniqueness patterns and be able to create a single-player view in your KYCP across all of your brands.

Once this is done, the system allows you to create any level of data elements that are sourced in real-time. Based on these fields you can then define your risk and workflows on how the application should flow and what should the value of the field trigger such as increased/decreased risk, escalation to MLROs, identifying patterns and much more.

This central console that is updated with all the data being fed through your third party systems, then processes all the rules in real-time and calculates risk on an ongoing basis. Which risk you can then use to streamline actions such as requesting enhanced due diligence process automatically based on risk or field values, triggering searches for PEPs, Sanctions and Adverse Media and much more.

The primary focus of KYC Portal is all about reducing the risk exposure that you as a company have when it comes to complex scenarios and large (big) data. Giving you a quasi-real-time perspective on risk and also automating actions on such values. All throughout which you are in full control to be able to tweak the regulatory and policy process in the system on which all the rules run.

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Targeted For Gaming operators
Status LIVE
Keywords player KYC automation, big data, player real time risk, AML automation
Direct Benefits Being able to automate risk calculation on all player data and enabling real time workflows on risk