Real-time reporting dashboard

March 06, 2020

The reporting dashboard presents a sub-set of data sitting within your KYC Portal in a real-time view. A snapshot based on your current data showcasing some of the most important elements of risk and workload.

The dashboard presents various subsets of data each of which are described in detail below.
Total applications across programmes
KYC Portal risk report

This chart shows you the entire list of applications that you have in KYCP at any point time split by the programme in which they sit. The percentage in the pie chart relates to the number of applications in the respective programme as a percentage of the total applications in your KYC Portal.

The buttons under the graph allow you to split this view further by the STATUS of the applications as well as by the ROLE with whom the respective applications are currently sitting. STATUS relates to the dynamic statuses that you would have set in the solution as part of the flow of an application. Following is an example of the above graph split by STATUS.
KYC Portal risk report

In the above screenshot the solution is showing the applications split in three programmes, grouped by the status in which such applications are currently set.
Total risk across programmes
KYC Portal risk report

This graph focuses on showing you the current risk exposure of your company across all the programmes within KYC Portal. This splits all the applications by the risk categories of LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH and EXTREME based on the settings that you would have defined in each programme.

Clicking on the VIEW BY PROGRAMME button the system would show you the detail of risk per programme as per following example.
KYC Portal risk report 
Newly created applications by month
KYC Portal risk report

This report focuses on showing the total applications created over the past months split by programme.
Total entities across programmes
KYC Portal risk report

This report focuses on showing the total type of entities across all of the programmes within your KYC Portal. These entities are the ones that you dynamically set within the configuration of each programme. This view can also be further split at programme level.
Total reviews by month
KYC Portal risk report

Since you would have set your review policy at application and entity level based on risk, and also since KYCP calculates risk in real-time, the same system automatically calculates and adjusts the reviews of applications. This report allows you to see any review that happened in the past but also a forecast of the upcoming reviews based on the current applications and their respective risk.
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Targeted For Banks, Financial Services, Insurance, Payments, Gaming, Legal
Status LIVE
Keywords dashboard, risk report, regulatory requirements
Direct Benefits Able to see a real time picture of risk exposure and the overall view of work by status and by team