Replication of Reports

February 01, 2023 KYC Portal CLM has an embedded report designer that allows you to create any number of reports and then be able to design and manage the entire configuration of the report itself. This designer is very flexible allowing you to create any type of report on any field, status, entity type, document or any other feature that you would have configured yourself in the solution.
This report designer has a number of settings to maximise the flexibility for users. When a report is created you get to set the name, the frequency of the report (such as daily, weekly, monthly, etc) as well as the rights of who can access the report itself. Once created, the report designer allows you to set Application level filters (such as the Status of the application, assigned users and teams, the risk or the manually overridden risk and many more settings).
Next level down is the Entity level filter where you can set filters based on the types of entities, their risk and associated documentation. Lastly, is the Field level filter. Fields are dynamically created and managed by your team. Any field created in the solution is available to filter on, including the values within the field itself as well as comparison between the values of fields.

KYC Portal CLM

Once all filters are set, you can now configure the entire CSV output of the report. What fields and settings should be displayed in the CSV as an export, as well as the order in which they appear.

One of the latest features in KYC Portal CLM is the ability to replicate such reports within a programme. This will help users in quickly replicating existing reports (including the report configuration, filters and output details) and then be able to tweak and apply the necessary adjustments within the new report. This is very beneficial when the output settings of the report are very similar yet the filters vary slightly.

KYC Portal CLM

This replicate feature is also now available within the replication of a programme. KYC Portal CLM already has the ability to replicate an entire programme however this did not include the reports within that programme. With this new feature reports will now be replicated with the respective programme.
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Targeted For Report Design and Configuration
Status LIVE
Keywords CLM, risk automation, CRA, KYC, AML
Direct Benefits Ability to quickly configure new reports based on existing reports within the solution