Reporting on Screening Alerts within KYC Portal

March 25, 2022 KYC Portal allows customers to integrate with third parties that provide the required data for monitoring subjects in Sanction lists, political exposure (PEPs) and Adverse Media. This seamless integration allows users of KYC Portal to be alerted when new matches are found across their database, review the matches and also take decisions on each match. Such decisions can then be used to automatically drive workflow, fill fields and update risk.
KYC Portal has recently launched a new feature to be able to report on screening alerts and decisions taken across all the subjects in a given programme.
This can be done using the existing report builder. When creating the report, the grouping type should be set to “Screening Alerts”. 
Once this is chosen, a new section of filters will appear under the ENTITY FILTERS called “Entity Screening Alerts”. If you leave these fields empty, the report will load all screening alerts for the selected records and you would be able to filter the results in the CSV output. You can, however, choose to filter by the status of each alert or screening provider (if you have more than one integrated).
Also, once the grouping type is set as above, a new section of output settings will appear in the REPORT OUTPUT SETTINGS called “Screening alerts information”. If you choose all of these settings, they will appear as columns in the CSV output of the report. However, you can choose which ones you want to add or remove.
Here is a brief description of each one:
- Screening Provider – shows the name of the third party in question. This is useful if your KYCP is integrated with more than one provider
- Status – of the alert – whether it's OPEN, MATCH or NO MATCH
- Profile Creation Date – when the alert was initially generated / raised in KYCP
- Comment – the comment that the user in KYCP would have added in relation to the status change
- External ID – is the ID of the alert of the third party
- Name – the name of the entity, as stored in the third-party system
- Score – this is the score that that entity was returned (by the third-party) and thus was considered as a match (this is only provided by some third parties)
- Description – the description on how / why the entity was matched by the third-party (this is only provided by some third parties)
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