Status Flow Printing

February 01, 2023

The entire lifecycle within KYC Portal CLM is dynamic. It can be created and managed by any administrator through the Configuration Studio using the STATUS module. This module allows for the creation of each status including the name, the icon, the type of the status itself as well as the permutations of what other statuses an application can go to from the current one.

This level of flexibility allows clients to be able to design any type of flow across their teams. In fact most clients setup the statuses to be accessed by different ROLES, which roles are also dynamic. This feature enhances the process whereby the lifecycle goes through certain roles based on the stage at which the application is at. This can be configured in more detail to enable role-status linking based on the risk of the application.
A classic example that is often used, is the ability to allow a JUNIOR TEAM to only be able to APPROVE and REJECT applications that are LOW risk, however higher risked applications the same JUNIOR TEAM can only RECOMMEND FOR APPROVAL which would move the application through a different flow (in this case four-eye approval).

Also in the configuration of such statuses, KYCP CLM allows the user to see what is called the STATUS FLOW. As can be seen in the below image, this depicts the entire flow that has been configured.

KYC Portal CLM

This visual adds a lot of business benefit in helping to create and design complex flows within the lifecycle of KYC Portal CLM. This status flow can also be printed using the top right PRINT icon into an image or PDF.
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Targeted For Automating the client lifecycle process
Status LIVE
Keywords CLM, automation, KYC, due diligence, AML, risk assessment
Direct Benefits Ability to review the full lifecycle of an application