Notes Overhaul

February 01, 2023

The NOTES section of any application in KYC Portal CLM keeps the full historical audit trail of an entity or an application. Anything that happened on a subject would be recorded as a NOTE within this section of the application screen.

This includes any type of activity from viewing the application, opening the organigram as well as the editing of a field (with previous and new values of the field itself). Each note is timestamped together with the user who did the respective action. Also in this NOTES section users are able to add manual comments / notes at any point in time. The NOTES section shows all of these in a chronological order (most recent first).

KYC Portal CLM

Due to the sheer volume of audits within such a section, this new feature focuses on being able to filter and search in such an audit based on various criteria. One can access this feature by clicking on the top right LENS SEARCH icon sitting in the NOTES section of the application. Once accessed a search panel appears with various filter options.

KYC Portal CLM

The criteria for such a filtering module include the following:
  • Category of the Note: This offers three options. Escalate refers to any note that relates to an ESCALATION of the entity or an application. The SYSTEM option filters all the notes that were generated automatically by the audit of the system itself. The USER ADDED filters those notes that have been added manually by a user.
  • Type: The value of this field varies based on what one chooses in the Category of the Note. This groups the types of notes based on the type of action done. Whenever there is a note LEGACY, it refers to any notes that were available prior to the launch of this feature.
  • Users: Allows to filter on notes created by a specific user in the solution.
  • Exposed in COT: KYC Portal CLM allows the user to expose notes to the counterparty in the Customer Outreach Tool. This filter allows you to choose the ones that have been exposed to the counterparty.
  • Note For: This is based on whether the respective note is relating to the APPLICATION level, the ENTITY within this Application or else to the ENTITY across Applications.
  • Date From / To: This allows you to filter the results based on the date and time that the note was recorded in the audit of the application or entity.
  • Text: This is a free text field that allows the user to input a “text” value. The filter will work on finding the respective text within any NOTE in the application or entity.
This level of detail is also available in the reporting engine when one creates a report grouped on NOTES. Once this option is chosen you can filter on the type of note.

This new feature helps in being able to search through the entire audit of an application in a faster and easier manner. It allows to focus on specific areas of the audit on all the different parameters relating to a NOTE.
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Targeted For Ability to filter and search notes history
Status LIVE
Keywords CLM, automation, KYC, due diligence, AML, risk assessment
Direct Benefits Being able to filter notes by type and category making it easier for users to search across the historical audit of an application.