Embedded E-Mail function in KYC Portal

March 24, 2021

KYC Portal's embedded e-mail function gives you direct communication with your client, during the on-boarding process, reducing the manual effort of collating all the necessary information.

One of the biggest headaches and tedious parts of the due diligence process is collating all the necessary information on your subjects, ensuring that they send in all required documentation and fill in all the questionnaires in a timely manner. This manual process involves many emails being sent back and forth, some documents are maybe sent by post for them to sign and send back to you. Then once you have everything in hand, someone must physically leaf through all the documents and information and assess the subject’s risk and any other ancillary information that might be required. This in turn will once again trigger requests for further documentation leading to endless to-ing and fro-ing with customers.
With KYC Portal, all this can be done seamlessly and remotely. The only information you need to collect initially, is their email address and mobile number. Once you have these stored in KYCP, you can send your subject direct secure links via email, through KYCP. Such customer access is secured via SSL and also by 2 factor authentication on their mobile phone. Once authenticated, the subjects themselves will be able to fill in all the information you requested, download any documents, scan them and upload them back up and answer any required questionnaires. You are also in full control of defining such requirements through KYCP itself, you define the fields, the questionnaires and the documents that are required. The documents are also linked with mail merge functionality so that when the client downloads any templates, they are automatically prepopulated with the merged fields of the application in KYCP. These links can be triggered manually by your team to any subject you have within KYCP.
All this while being linked to your KYC Portal's back-end; the system is auditing everything that is being submitted and assessing your risk, in real-time based on the values and information that the subject has submitted.
Other client communication functionalities within KYCP is the ability to request a real time face-to-face video interview with your subjects or even give your B2B clients access to the Customer Outreach Tool where they can populate their own company structure chart and all the key principals behind it.
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Keywords compliance, due diligence, automation, customer outreach
Direct Benefits Ability to use KYCP to send direct communication to your subjects, requesting documents and other information related to their on-boarding process..