Limiting Search based on User Access

February 01, 2023

One of the most important features in KYC Portal CLM to maintain the concept of a single customer record, is the USE FROM EXISTING.

Should a user be adding a new entity within the system, a user has the ability to search the existing entities within KYC Portal CLM to understand if the new subject is already within the database. If it is, the user is able to create the new entity within KYCP CLM using the existing record, achieving a single customer view.

KYC Portal CLM

This ability to create new entities from existing records is also available to the counterparties via the Customer Outreach Tool allowing them to re-use their data across applications.

This will create a new instance of the entity linked to the existing record. This helps in maintaining the single customer record leading to a lot of internal efficiencies and improved transactions. Documentation becomes centralised therefore having one version of a document for the subject irrespective of the number of multiple involvements. This leads to having one document to verify and one document expiry to maintain. This is also applicable to the screening of such subjects, having one set of false positives and one action of decisions to be taken on this subject for matches and no matches. This also helps in being able to generate an organigram with a visual of multiple involvements within KYCP across applications, helping to easily identify the multiple involvements within a counterparty.

KYC Portal CLM

This new feature within KYC Portal CLM exposes a new setting where it allows you to decide whether the USE FROM EXISTING feature should be limited based on the rights of the user using it (both within the back-office of KYCP as well as the Customer Outreach Tool). This is a new configuration setting at PROGRAMME level and can be found in the EDIT module.

KYC Portal CLM

The settings of this feature are:
  • All – there is no limit on what to search. Search with USE FROM EXISTING will return any result across KYC Portal CLM.
  • AssignedKycpUsersAndTeams – (applicable to KYC Portal users) this will limit the search to applications that are assigned to the current application’s KYCP user or team.
  • AssignedCotUsers – (applicable to COT users) this will limit the search to applications that are assigned to the current COT user).
This feature adds more flexibility to our clients since it allows those customers who would like to restrict access to certain entities which are not assigned to applications they work on.

The repercussion of this feature is the risk that such users might be adding new instances of an entity that already exists. This would be in scenarios where the user would have searched for a subject that exists, but is not assigned to any application of this same user. The user would have not been able to see that this entity already existed. This is why this feature has been made available with a configuration setting whereby clients can decide how KYC Portal CLM should operate the search.
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Targeted For The configuration of user access
Status LIVE
Keywords CRA, Risk Assessment, KYC, AML
Direct Benefits Beneficial to limit the type of records that users can search and use from existing based on their current access