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Based on huge demand from all our KYC Portal clients across all industries, we have launched the Customer Outreach Tool (COT) plugin. A tool that allows you to give control to all your customers to create, manage and submit applications both for individuals and corporate structures.

One of the biggest challenges within the industry of due diligence and compliance is that of collecting data from clients both for individuals and mostly for corporate structures. The details being requested are constantly changing and depend on various factors such as risk, industry and jurisdictions. A process that take endless communication with customers and a lot of to-ing and fro-ing delaying the process and leading to never ending costs, not to mention the delays in services being offered.

The Customer Outreach Tool is a plugin in KYC Portal that gives you full control to define all the regulatory processes of what needs to be collected. It lets you define the forms, questionnaires and document requirements. Once defined you can give access to the customer to be able to manage the entire process.

The customer will be able to create the company structure and the system will automatically load the respective required documents, questionnaires and forms. The client will also be able to start filling in all the details and as well as the ability to add notes throughout the process. COT will automatically guide the customer into what you are expecting based on the type of entity.

COT also calculates risk in real time based on the data that the customer is inputting. This will instantly refresh the questionnaires and documents that you request based on enhanced due diligence procedures.

Once done the customer would be able to submit the entire application, instantly transferring all the data to your KYC Portal with all the details finalised and uploaded with the risk instantly calculated.
customer outreach, kyc, due diligence, aml 
The Summary Dashboard above shows the client the percentage completeness of what is expected out of them based on the entities that they upload. This data is dynamically displayed based on the configuration of your KYC Portal which you have full control of. This data is also dynamically built based on your Enhanced Due Diligence process.
customer outreach, kyc, due diligence, aml
Customers are presented with the entire form requirements that you set within your KYC Portal. All of this data is fully maintained by your compliance team. This tool is also allowing customers to kick-start new applications for business themselves.
customer outreach, kyc, due diligence, aml 
This tool is also used for on-going reviews for existing clients. The system will show the customer outstanding items and tasks that need to be completed across applications.
customer outreach, kyc, due diligence, aml 
The Customer Outreach Tool also provides a panel with the required documents based on entity type and their risk. The customer can upload all documents securely and directly into the system. The list of documents is dynamically built based on the configuration of your KYC Portal.
customer outreach, kyc, due diligence, aml 
The tool also offers an embedded guided help module to guide the customers into using the system as they go along reducing the effort of your teams in delegating the work.

This module is already in production and being used by companies within various industries not only for the on-boarding of new customers but to automate the process of reviews of existing customers.

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