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KYC Portal CLM is the industry’s most advanced CDD and AML data collection and collation Client Lifecycle Management platform that centralises and simplifies the customer due diligence process, reducing costs, customer touch points and overall duration - increasing efficiencies by over 60% across the board.
KYC PORTAL CLM – Know Your Customer Portal – is one of the top, award winning Client Lifecycle Management solutions on the market that allows organisations of any size or type to rapidly collate all information relating to all kind of subjects being assessed, in a single, centralised, secure repository with fully customisable parameters, fields, rules, user rights and collaborative practices.

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Our USPs
Here are the most important elements of our product. Unlike any of our competitors on the market, this is what makes us stand out!
KYC Portal CLM
KYCP USP Real Time, No Code, Dynamic Configuration

Unparalleled level of configuration, allowing you to change the entire process, requirements, outreach, risk, workflow and much more at a click of a button. Unlike all of our competitors on the market, applying a change to the process or policy is a matter of minutes rather than days and weeks.
KYC Portal CLM
KYCP USP Fully Integrated Customer Outreach

Unlike our competitors, customer outreach was not an afterthought. We did not purchase third parties and patched them into our product. Due to the critical requirement of communicating with subjects all throughout the due diligence process, KYC Portal CLM was built on the concept of outreach. The modules of digital outreach for both individuals as well as legal entities is embedded within the actual tool allowing you to have full control of the process.
KYC Portal CLM
KYCP USP Real Time Counterparty Risk Assessment (CRA)

An automated risk engine that is working in real time on all the components that you configured in the system. The most dynamic risk assessment engine in which you define all the parameters, weights, combined risks, categories and much more. All of which you can apply yourself in real time.
KYC Portal CLM
KYCP USP Driven by Global Demand

Take advantage of an off the shelf product which is constantly being updated with actual live use case requirements deriving from our global footprint. Feature requests from our 75+ clients in over 25 jurisdictions, across 5 continents, all of which handle over 8 million subjects.

Delve deeper into the power of KYC Portal CLM. Our digital brochure goes into the detail of all the core features and how they are being used in practice. The Art of the Possible section shows the business benefit that KYC Portal CLM delivers.
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