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KYC Portal - lifetime due diligence
An award winning, real-time, risk driven Client Lifecycle Management platform with full ownership of policy automation - increasing operational efficiencies and redefining business relationship outreach

Awards & Achievements
A list of KYC Portal's Awards and Achievements to date
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KYC Portal Client - Royal Bank of Scotland
KYC Portal Client - APEX
KYC Portal Client - Lombard Bank
KYC Portal Client - Natwest
KYC Portal Client - Arie Finance
KYC Portal Client - CASS

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KYC Portal is the industry’s most advanced CDD and AML data collection and collation Client Lifecycle Management platform that centralises and simplifies the customer due diligence process, reducing costs, customer touch points and overall duration - increasing efficiencies by over 60% across the board.
KYC PORTAL – Know Your Customer Portal – is one of the top, award winning Client Lifecycle Management solutions on the market that allows organisations of any size or type to rapidly collate all information relating to all kind of subjects being assessed, in a single, centralised, secure repository with fully customisable parameters, fields, rules, user rights and collaborative practices.

KYCP takes the guesswork and fragmented task delegation out of the due diligence and compliance process, through fully bespoke risk assessment programmes, infinite custom entity types, associated mandated documentation, data fields, interview questionnaires and required process checklists.

Through a highly visual interface which automatically recommends applications for approval or rejection, KYC Portal generates uniform risk ratings based on your organisation’s risk appetite while removing human bias and the exclusive dependence on specialist risk and fraud teams.
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Latest Updates

  • Reduce your risk exposure to mere hours

  • Data of all subjects constantly up to date based on latest regulation and internal risk requirements

  • Automation allows for increased throughput of on-boarded applicants

  • Eliminate the review burden ratio allowing for unlimited subjects

  • Re-focus expertise on more critical processes

  • Reduce overall cost of compliance by 60%

  • Safeguard your reputation

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KYC Portal
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