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Detailed Application and entity view

Visualise any custom entity type in a hierarchical tree format, associating assessed subjects in a nested format for instant identification of full relationship of dependencies, no matter how complex the application being assessed.

One of the main features of KYC Portal is the application view whereby the system collates all the aspect of KYC and due diligence on any stype of subject into one central view. We call this the Central Console of Compliance.

This console is all about a subject in question. Whether you are on-boarding an individual or a very complex corporate structure, this screen is designed to present the agent with all the information that is needed to be able to take decisions more efficiently and securely.

This screen tallies all the aspects that are required including the heirarchical structure of the subject, all the data, documents, check-lists, questionnaires, associated risk, notes, audits, any audited face to face or audio calls, notification on pending actions as well as the actual alerts and audits of any matched third party data such as PEPs, Sanctions and Adverse Media.

See the full detail of how the central console of compliance works with a video walk-through of the actual product in our Due Diligence Community section.

How does the Central Console of Compliance work - CLICK HERE
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