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How can technology help with KYC?

Integrated technology is critical in helping companies across the KYC lifecycle. Greater speed, efficiency and accuracy in verification, screening and monitoring helps institutions manage risk better. It can also have a positive impact on the customer experience.

What is KYC Portal?

KYC Portal is an award winning, Client Lifecycle Management platform which caters for the end-to-end process of due diligence and KYC processes. From the time you onboard a subject through till when that relationship ends, KYC Portal is working around the clock to alert you on risk in real-time. The system has a powerful risk scoring engine allowing you to define your regulatory process at a product or service level, embedded document management system, inbuilt workflows and much more. KYC Portal is the only fully dynamic Client Lifecycle Management platform on the market, to date.
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Is KYC Portal another screening service provider?

We get asked this quite a lot and the simple answer is no. Screening services are just a very small step in the overall KYC journey. KYC Portal encompasses the entire KYC/CDD process, through seamless integration with any 3rd party data provider.
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When was KYC Portal launched on the market?

KYC Portal was launched on the market in February 2017 at the Finovate Europe Conference in London.

Where are your offices based?

We have offices in Malta and London.
Feel free to send us an email or give us a call on 00356 2141 1400 / 0044 (0) 114 392 0015 if you would like more information. Alternatively, more details on our office locations can also be found here.

How does KYC Portal help businesses remain compliant?

Due diligence requires that you not only keep your processes updated with new regulations, but also ensuring that you are compliant with all your past subjects. KYC Portal allows you to focus on the manual tasks that need to be done, as it will automatically alert you when there is something that needs looking into through notifications. Notifications keep an overview of all that needs to be done in a timely and real-time fashion. Instant alerts on risk exposure, missing documentation based on real-time data, instant alerts on AML issues, real-time alerts on the exposure of PEPs, sanctions and similar data sets, upcoming reviews, and many more aspects that it would be impossible to manage all manually.

Which industries are using KYC Portal?

KYC Portal can be used by any business that is required to conduct KYC and due diligence on their subjects.
The industries using KYC Portal include, but are not limited to:
- Banking
- Financial Services
- Corporate Service Providers
- Legal Services
- Gaming
- Payment Providers & Cash Management
- Oil & Gas
- Logistics
- Fund Services & Wealth Management
- Mining & Geology
- Transportation 
More info on the industries we serve can be found here.
Some of our esteemed clients are:
- The Royal Bank of Scotland International 
- Bank of Valletta 
- Lombard Bank
- Fin XP
- Fenlex Corporate Services Limited
- ARQ Group
- Arie Capital Banking Group ACBM

Will your support team update KYC Portal as regulations change?

No, the client is responsible to update KYC Portal with any regulatory changes.

Can KYC Portal be used for both B2B and B2C onboarding?

Yes, KYC Portal can be used for both B2B and B2C onboarding.

Is there a limit to the number of subjects you can onboard in KYC Portal?

There is NO limit. In fact, we have one customer who has onboarded over 5 million subjects through KYCP.

How much does KYC Portal cost?

We have 3 price packages. The cost of KYC Portal CLM depends mainly on the number of concurrent users. 
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What are KYC Portal’s unique and innovative features?

KYC Portal has a fully dynamic configuration engine that allows your compliance team to tweak the entire regulatory process, not only at company level but also at service and product level.
KYC Portal is embedded with multiple direct client communication tools; the ability to start a chat or an audio call, as well as face-to-face video interviews. The ability to send emails directly from KYCP to the client requesting them to upload documents or fill out any pending forms. You can also give your client full access to create their own company structure chart, through the Customer Outreach Tool (COT).

Are new features available at an additional cost?

No, an update with new features is released every quarter however, at no additional cost. These will be covered by the yearly fee.

Where is KYC Portal installed/hosted?

KYC Portal is not sold as a software as a service (SaaS) and we do not host any client data. It is installed and hosted directly on our clients own server environment, whether it is local or cloud is their choice. 

Can KYC Portal be integrated with internal systems or third-party solutions?

Yes! Through our fully rest API, you can integrate KYC Portal with your own internal systems or with any 3rd party data providers on the market, such as screening services, document verification, company house data etc.
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Do you offer Transaction Monitoring?

KYCP integrates with the transactional database, with all the AML rules and triggers, which the client can define, in any Transaction Monitoring Tool on the market. It alerts in real time and flags against applications, in KYCP, in real time. To which then, based on the type of AML trigger, with the rules engine, the client can decide what happens, they can increase the risk, escalate, if they want to block, if they want to act or move the application to the MLRO.
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Does the system accommodate questionnaires?

Yes, KYCP allows you to digitize all your questionnaires into the system, link them to entities etc… and there is no limit as to how many questions you create in one questionnaire.

How does the system handle documents?

The document management module in KYCP allows you to centralise all documentation on any entity within KYC Portal itself. You can view any document in the embedded secure viewer that handles anything from scanned images to PDF, MS Office documents etc. It also highlights which documents are expired or are about to expire and if the user has the respective rights, the system also allows for downloading of the document to your device.

Do you provide ongoing support and training?

Yes, we have a ticketing support system to handle any issues you may encounter and as for training, besides one on one training during the configuration process, we also have an online repository of training videos and step by step guide documents.

How can I book a demo of the system?

A live, online demo of the system can be booked by simply clicking this link.

Has KYC Portal won any awards?

Yes, for the full list of awards won by KYC Portal, please have a look at the list here



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