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Introducing KYC PORTAL CLM

Conducting due diligence on applicants before being accepted as customers is a mandatory compliance requirement in the fight against money laundering, financing of criminal and terrorist activity, tax compliance, and financial and electronic fraud.

Taking the guesswork and fragmented task delegation out of your risk assessment processes

This is often a complex, laborious and costly exercise, when carried out extensively and correctly, the identification and classification of potential customers directly leads to safeguarding businesses’ profitability, safeguarding from losses amounting from fraudulent activity and full compliance with local and international legislative frameworks.

KYC PORTAL – Know Your Customer Portal – is one of the top, award winning Client Lifecycle Management solutions on the market that allows organisations of any size or type to rapidly collate all information relating to entities and applicants being assessed.  All in a single, centralised, secure repository with fully customisable parameters, fields, rules, user rights and collaborative practices.

Build custom risk assessment programmes, infinite custom entity types, associate document requirements, information fields, client interview questionnaires and a fully checklisted mandated set of processes – KYCP takes the guesswork and fragmented task delegation out of the due diligence and compliance process.

Easily verify entities and approve applications thanks to a highly visual interface, automatically recommending applications for approval or rejection based on parameters set versus data submitted.

Audit of every single entry is part of the process and subsequent views and changes, including the in-built video conferencing and interview recording functionality, with all raw files digitally encrypted and covered by blanket SSL security.
Industries catered for by KYC Portal CLM
Here are all the industries that are currently using KYC Portal to streamline their processes.
Clients within this industry use KYC Portal CLM for various use cases. Most of the banks use it to centralise and automate the process flow of due diligence based on all the data points that they have on their counterparties across various core systems, CRMs, ERPs as well as third party systems. Some banking clients also use KYC Portal CLM for digitising client outreach by integrating KYCP with their internet banking systems.
Asset & Wealth Management
Clients are using KYC Portal CLM to define the policy of their portfolios, usually at fund or product level allowing them to be in full control of the full due diligence process across all the various geographical markets they service. Considering the constantly changing requirements of this market, KYC Protal CLM delivers a lot of benefit to this industry.
Payment Services
There are two main use cases how our clients in Payment Services are using KYC Portal CLM. Most clients are using it to streamline the entire onboarding process of merchants and operators as well as automate the entire ongoing aspect of due diligence. We also have a number of clients who use KYCP to streamline the entire due diligence process for their B2C retail customers.
We have clients who use KYCP CLM to service both B2B as well as B2C aspects of their business. The latter focuses on automating the entire risk based process on all of their players with embedded transaction monitoring, responsible gaming and all aspects of risk. On the B2B, many gaming customers use KYCP to streamline the entire due diligence process with Merchants, Affiliates and Operators.
Financial Services
One of the biggest industries using KYC Portal CLM including CSPs, administration, mortgage services, advisory, accounting, legal and GRC. Clients in this industry use KYCP CLM mostly to automate their overall risk exposure for all their customers (be it individuals as well as corporates) over time. Both at onboarding as well as throughout the ongoing relationship. However, most financial services are starting to offer their services to their own customers via KYC Portal CLM. This allows them to add value to the services provided to their customers.
This industry has resulted in KYC Portal CLM being used to streamline the process of vendor and supplier onboarding and management. Often dealing with reputational damage as well as risk precaution on the type of supplier or third parties to be chosen for services. KYCP CLM is being used to streamline the entire relationship with such suppliers and vendors.
In an industry that is still evolving on a weekly basis, KYC Portal CLM is providing our clients the best platform to be able to operate and automate the full due diligence process whilst still having the full control of tweaking the entire basis of the policy and risk assessment in real time. Clients are using KYCP to streamline the entire process of due diligence for all their retail and corporate customers.
Oil & Gas
Customers within this industry as well as mining and precious metal markets are using KYC Portal CLM to be able to streamline and manage the entire process of vendor management. A process that is quite thorough when it comes to such complex regulated industries on the market. KYCP CLM is allowing our customers to streamline the onboarding process and auomate risk assessment not only on regulatory requirements but also on internal policy, ESG, reputational damage and much more.
This industry is yet another great use case for KYC Portal CLM. Our clients within the insurance industry are using KYC Portal to be able to streamline the entire risk assessment in real time for all their subjects be it retail customers (individuals) as well as corporate relationships. This automated aspect of risk screening on all counterparties is being used mostly to audit and monitor all ongoing relationships with customers.(
Get to know all about KYC Portal
Watch the following short video that explains everything about KYC Portal in less than 4 minutes.

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