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Introducing KYC PORTAL
Conducting due diligence on applicants before being accepted as customers is a mandatory compliance requirement in the fight against money laundering, financing of criminal and terrorist activity, tax compliance, and financial and electronic fraud.
Taking the guesswork and fragmented task delegation out of your risk assessment processes

This is often a complex, laborious and costly exercise, when carried out extensively and correctly, the identification and classification of potential customers directly leads to safeguarding businesses’ profitability, safeguarding from losses amounting from fraudulent activity and full compliance with local and international legislative frameworks.

KYC PORTAL – Know Your Customer Portal – is one of the top Client Lifecycle Management solutions on the market that allows organisations of any size or type to rapidly collate all information relating to entities and applicants being assessed.  All in a single, centralised, secure repository with fully customisable parameters, fields, rules, user rights and collaborative practices.

Build custom risk assessment programmes, infinite custom entity types, associate document requirements, information fields, client interview questionnaires and a fully checklisted mandated set of processes – KYCP takes the guesswork and fragmented task delegation out of the due diligence and compliance process.

Easily verify entities and approve applications thanks to a highly visual interface, automatically recommending applications for approval or rejection based on parameters set versus data submitted.

Audit of every single entry is part of the process and subsequent views and changes, including the in-built video conferencing and interview recording functionality, with all raw files digitally encrypted and covered by blanket SSL security.
Get to know all about KYC Portal
Watch the following short video that explains everything about KYC Portal in less than 4 minutes.

Fully Audited
All data inputted within KYCP is contained within a tamper-proof, electronically secured audit trail. The internal audit encompasses creation date, time, user and IP address details, eventual permitted overwrites, modifications or extensions, subsequent access and views.
Natively Secure
Coupled with raw file level encryption and SSL security, KYCP offers a natively impenetrable solution, offering organisations of all sizes the peace of mind that critical data cannot be altered, deleted or retrieved by unauthorised users.
Third party screening services
KYCP integrates seamlessly with any number of Risk Management Screening Service of choice via API calls. Communication between KYCP and third party screening solutions is a fully automated scheduled background operation with notifications appearing in the event of triggers being hit.
Collaboration: User Rights
KYCP assigns user access control levels based on an infinite set of administrator-defined roles, each with their own granular level of permissions. In addition, each programme is viewable by subsets of these users and select applications can be limited to a further restricted set of individual users, in case of heightened sensitivity of specific applicants being assessed.
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