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Embedded Audio, Video and Chat

Eliminate the dependency on emails to communicate with subjects all throughout the KYC and due diligence process starting from on-boarding all the way through the ongoing relationship with customers using the embedded chat module with audio and video facilities.

The reliance on email communication with subjects throughout on-boarding and ongoing aspects of KYC and due diligence is a nightmare. Chasing subjects on missing information, receiving data and documents as attachments to emails and many other tasks lead to various concerns. From the security of attachments in emails, misplaced documents, auditing all communication and also concerns of GDPR. The embedded CHAT module within KYCP removes the dependence on email in its entirety.

Part and parcel of KYC Portal is the embedded communication engine that allows any organisation to communicate with their subjects in order to reduce if not eliminate completely the reliance of email throughout KYC and due diligence processes.

This module allows the organisation's agents to communicate with their subjects through a direct, real-time embedded chat engine. Which conversation is instantly stored in a tamper proof audit against the subject in question in KYCP.

Also throughout the chat, the users can initiate a real-time audio call to discuss matters in more detail or a face to face video call. This module is fully embedded within the solution (no use of third parties), and all calls are stored within the tamper proof audit of the application which can be played back at any point in time.

This module is all focused on streamlining and auditing all communication done with subjects over the entire lifetime that you have a relationship with them.

See the full detail of how the chat enginen works with a detailed video of the actual module in our Due Diligence Community section.

Using the CHAT, AUDIO and VIDEO call module in KYCP - CLICK HERE

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