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Embedded Workflow Engine
Defining automation of movement of records based on fully customisable roles, authority, risk and statuses

KYC Portal has an embedded workflow engine based on rules and statuses, both of which are fully customisable by the compliance team themselves.

One of the biggest challenges in the process of KYC and due diligence, irrespective if its throughout the on-boarding or ongoing stages, is the the level of manual effort that is required throughout the lifecycle of applications. Whether it's checking the data being received by third parties or amending aspects of documentation the applications of subjects (be it individuals or corporates) goes through a lifecycle that changes based on risk and content.

Most companies work with various teams having various roles within the initial process of data collection, however based on the risk being perceived the application is escalated to various teams for further supervision. This can happen based on the type of application being handled or purely because of certain triggers within the application such as the involvement of a politically exposed person in the structure itself.

KYC Portal allows the organisation to set the system in a way that it tallies with their current modus operandi. Allowing them to define the statuses of applications, the rules as to who can do what on what type of application. Even the automation of changing of statuses based on pre-defined triggers is possible, allowing full automation on certain applications that do not need to be vetted by the human eye.

See the full detail of how the workflow engine works with a video walk-through of the actual product in our Due Diligence Community section.

Setting rules and statuses in KYCP - CLICK HERE

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