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One of the key advantages of having an established product on the market is the amount of new information you learn on a daily basis from your customers. Back in February 2017 we launched what we believed was one of the best due diligence tools on the market – KYC Portal. This has been growing exponentially in delivering greater efficiencies and benefit thanks to market knowledge and experience.

Nowadays, after more than two years of assisting customers in various industries and jurisdictions, we have garnered invaluable insight and experience into the detail of due diligence and KYC challenges that customers face on an ongoing basis. Whether its on-boarding issues, remediation challenges within banks, handling KYC on huge volume of subjects, identifying sources and much more. Servicing markets across banking, financial services, legal and payments.

This is the reason why we launched the Due Diligence Community. A portal that will allow us to share all that we do with the general public. From real life case studies to whitepapers, feature reviews and their benefit as well as tackling specific issues on the market such as on-boarding, ongoing concern and operational challenges. We are digitising all of our findings and research on an on-going basis. It’s a platform to share knowledge and let others contribute through questions and asking for specific detail which we will work on.

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