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Dynamic Due Diligence Automation

The level of automation that KYC Portal brings to the table leads to efficiency aspects that cannot be achieved without automation. KYC Portal leads to improving the workflows leading to better efficiency on cost, resources and touch points with customers, but mostly safeguards the reputational risk of the company.

In the lack of automation, the only way to cope with regulatory compliance and due diligence is by ensuring that you have a team that can handle the load of subjects. KYC Portal directly focuses on minimising the regulatory burden on business goals, and it has never been easier.

Fully configurable policy and due diligence processes and workflow with real time adoption.

The configuration of the entire platform is through the back-office of the system itself – the Configuration Studio. A visual interface that can be managed by anyone and does not require technical expertise. KYC Portal allows your team to create and maintain any part of the policy. This includes all granular control such as the definition of what the entities in a counterparty are (such as company, trust, individual, UBO, etc) together with all the rules relating to that entity. It also allows you to control the fields required for each entity and all associated rules and validation, the documents required based on conditional policy, checklists, questionnaires, the statuses of workflow with associated teams and access, automated rules, screening, scraping of company house data, credit rating integrations and much more. This ability to change the configuration in real time allows our clients to tweak any part of the lifecycle on the fly. This without having to wait days of development and without having to put the solution on hold from use. If the regulations change and you suddenly need to start asking for a new set of information or documents from your clients it can be done within a matter of minutes.

KYC Portal CLM Configuration Studio
Centralise all third party and internal data sources for a holistic view of counterparty lifecycle management.

Another significant impact of KYCP on operations is the aggregation and centralisation of all compliance and risk management data in a secure, tamper-proof and fully audited repository.

The philosophy behind KYC Portal brings together disparate and seemingly unconnected sources of data, through the integration of existing internal data warehouses, irrespective of geographical location for a combined, single data view that allows for far greater insight, in shorter time frames and that above all provides faster, more accurate results in combating exposure to risk.

For any lifecycle management platform to be effective, it needs to be able to sit on top of all the data points that teams use in order to manage such lifecycle. Usually such data sits in a number of systems both internal as well as external. Data on counterparties will sit in systems such as ERPs, CRMs, core systems and numerous other sources such as excel sheets, PDFs and many more.

However throughout such a lifecycle many use third party sources such as company house registers, screening data, credit rating and others. All this separate from the data that is being collected on such counterparts throughout the onboarding process. Any lifecycle management platform should allow for such data feeds. This is done via integration points such as the REST API of KYC Portal. However it is also important that the lifecycle management platform allows you to configure all the necessary data elements to be able to store those values. KYC Portal allows the compliance and operational teams to be able to design such fields and decide at which stage of the process they should be filled in, from where and also what should happen to the lifecycle based on such data.

KYC Portal CLM Central Console of Compliance

Get to know all about KYC Portal
Watch the following short video that explains everything about KYC Portal in less than 4 minutes.

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