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Regulation authorities have been challenged many a time by subject organisations regarding the laborious and often costly requirement of meeting subjects face to face to get to know their customers better.

In most jurisdictions, the fact that the customers are online immediately mandates them as high risk. In a world that is every day moving towards a more online culture with services and products being sold online, makes such customers the norm. This is increasing the risk of subjects to the maximum for one simple requirement – you haven’t gone through the unjustified cost and hassle to get to meet your client in person.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however, as we are seeing jurisdictions that are starting to warm up to the idea that new online technologies could replace the need of actually meeting the subject in person. Malta, Germany and Spain have already amended their directives to indicate such conformance and clients are starting to use this technology to reduce their risk at no cost whatsoever.

KYC Portal is the first and currently the only compliance product on the market that has a fully embedded face-to-face video conferencing tool that allows you to conduct an instant meeting with any of your subjects at any point in time. The only one on the market that has all of the following features just to help regulators feel comfortable with such technology:
  • The video conferencing module will authenticate any subject through two factor authentication (2FA) in order to ensure with the compliance standards dictated by regulators.

  • The entire video conference is instantly recorded in a tamper proof audited record within the same product against the respective entity. There is no way that such recordings can be tampered with. The entire recording or list of historical recordings can be played at any point in time. It records both the subject as well as the caller from within the organisation so that the entire meeting is on file.

  • Going beyond the requirements of some regulators, KYCP will conduct a facial recognition check whilst conducting the face to face interview, not only with the passport that you have of the respective entity, but with any identification document that you have for that person storing the percentage recognition match with each document.

  • There is no footprint on the subject’s device. The system requires no plugin or additional modules. A subject receives a link that upon clicking will allow them to start the conference instantly. No trace of video or any other data is stored on the device used, but directly stored in KYCP.
Some clients are now asking for the ability to send links to subjects directly without the need to have operators standing by to conduct the interview both ways. This would allow the organisation to send the client a list of questions which they would be able to answer whilst being recorded. Such a record will then be instantly saved within KYCP without the need of wasting extra resources to attend through such conferences. Another idea that is being launched in one of the upcoming releases of KYC Portal.

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