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Here is this year's 7 minute demo of KYC Portal at Finovate London 2019 where we launched the new add-on to KYCP called the Customer Outreach Tool. Presenting the pitch to over 1,200 people in 7 minutes is what makes Finovate so appealing. Getting the attention of so many people in such a short space is what makes Finovate so successful year after year.
The preparation that goes into doing this 7 minute demo is quite challenging. We start preparing months in advance both from a technology perspective as well as from a pitch perspective. Seven minutes are quite short especially when standing on a stage in front of all those people. We first highlighted the main points we needed to convey; coming up with a topic that will get the audience to follow whilst making sure the flow of the 7 minutes works. With the help of Alexandra in our compliance team, we ensured that the speech and demo on screen, were perfectly synchronised, by means of the steps that needed to be shown, in what order and also what to focus on. Another part in the whole preparation plan from an IT perspective is ensuring that everything runs smoothly and little but crucial things such as ensuring that the system on the laptop will work fine without reliance on internet.
This is the second time we showcased KYCP at Finovate and once again a huge resounding success. Well done to the team who helped in getting this through!
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