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KYC Portal has once again brought the attention of the large players on the market to the table. 
The conference was targeted for Retail Banks operating within the international market and was focused on the latest Fintech and Regtech innovations and the challenge that banks are being faced with.
KYC Portal being one of the most recent Regtech products on the market was incredibly well received across the audience. The presentation focused on highlighting the challenges that such operators face within the operational aspect of compliance and due diligence.
Whilst banks and regulated industries are focusing on improving and  making the on-boarding process more efficient, none are approaching the operational aspect of compliance. Organisations are faced with this challenge on a daily basis and are addressing it by throwing in more resources within the compliance team - which is in turn resulting in compounding the problem rather than solving it.
KYC Portal directly focuses on addressing and automating such issues. Following are the links to download the presentation of Aqubix at the Harnessing Fintech conference in London on June 7, 2017.
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