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ACAMS is one of the largest international AML and financial crime prevention communities that focus on building the support companies need for their AML compliance and financial crime prevention efforts. A global community that through its conference brings together experts from diverse industries all having one aim - improving efficiencies and disseminating knowledge on AML and financial crime prevention aspects.
KYC Portal is focusing its contribution on "using the risk-based approach to one's advantage". A study that is being presented throughout the break out session on Thursday 13th at 10.45am. Here is a snippet of the topic to be discussed and presented.
"You must be already adopting some sort of risk assessment on subjects. Are you using it to its full potential? Making the risk-based approach, the core automated element within your operation will lead to increased efficiencies, reduced cost and minimising the overall risk exposure. The dynamic risk engine within KYC Portal allows you to automate processes from on-boarding, all the way throughout the lifetime of the subjects. Let us show you how."
KYC Portal will also be exhibiting throughout the two days of the conference. Find us on stand 29-30 or else feel free to let us know should you want to book an appointment on
ACAMS Break Out Session
Risk Based Approach - the core of lifetime due diligence
Thursday 13th at 10.45
Malta: +356 2141 1400
UK: +44 (0) 114 392 0015
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