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Amistat Group are committed to supporting their Client Onboarding in Banking & Finance community, through engaging event experiences. On the 2nd & 3rd November, they will be hosting the 5th Client Onboarding for Banking & Finance Forum in Amsterdam and KYC Portal are platinum sponsors. It will be a hybrid event so delegates can benefit from both online and in-person experiences.
Digital identification of the client, customer enhanced due diligence, performing AML/KYC checks, are just a samll part of the onboarding process however can often be described as the most important, to ensure no illegal activity can occur with the client.
What is out there with regards to technology, theory, practicalities and solutions ensure an efficient, effective, comprehensive and regulatory compliance onboarding process.
This is what will be the focus over this 2 day fully hybrid conference, as we understand that in this challenging economic environment, banks and financial institutions are expected to match each other closely in terms of product innovation and financial service offerings. A real difference will, therefore, lie in creating a high quality first impression with the client and ensure a stress free, efficient and user friendly onboarding process.
Founder & CEO of KYC Portal, Kristoff Zammit Ciantar will be speaking at the event about
“Digitising the Corporate Lifecycle within Banking”
- From onboarding of corporate clients to remediation and ongoing due diligence
- Data Scraping, Company Source Register – reducing onboarding pains and costs drastically
- Real-time, automated, tailored customer journeys – reducing risk whilst optimising compliance processes
- Centralising data of corporate clients across channels
Follow this link for more info on the event and you can use discount code KYCP2022 to benefit from a 20% discount.
Looking forward to meeting you in Amsterdam!
Malta: +356 2141 1400
UK: +44 (0) 114 392 0015
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