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Are you prepared to complete the REQ on CASPAR, as from 1st March 2022? KYC Portal can help you prepare in collating and gathering all the information requested by FIAU.
The 2022 Risk Evaluation Questionnaire (“REQ”) will be available on the Compliance and Supervision Platform for Assessing Risk (CASPAR) portal for completion by subject persons as from 1st March 2022.
Subject persons are reminded that the REQ can only be submitted through the CASPAR portal. 
Subject Persons are reminded to update the ‘Subject Person Profile’ module which requires subject persons to provide information on the subject person. 
This information includes:
  • Information on the subject person’s ownership and its structure;
  • Information on the group that the subject person makes part of (if applicable);
  • Details of shareholders, beneficial owners and directors of the subject person;
  • Information on the turnover and net asset values;
  • Information on the target markets;
  • Details of the subject person’s external auditor (if applicable); and
  • A copy of the subject person’s business risk assessment.
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