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KYC Portal has been nominated for the Efma-Capgemini Financial NewTech Challenge! They narrowed down 300+ submissions to a list of final nominees and KYC Portal is one of 10 in the Banking category, start-up section.
Their aim is to uncover the best Financial NewTech solutions and the most inspiring collaborative projects between Financial NewTech and financial institutions. 
This challenge is powered by FinTechVisor, a global platform that enables FinTechs, InsurTechs, RegTechs and Financial NewTechs to showcase their solutions as well as empowering an interactive matchmaking tool to foster new partnerships for them with financial institutions. 
It offers an opportunity for Financial NewTechs* and financial institutions to showcase their collaborative business solutions to a selective panel of experts and industry influencers.
*Financial NewTechs are StartUps or ScaleUps which provide B2B solutions for financial institutions.
 The voting process works by chosing a trio of submissions to rank from first to third. Deadline is 6th August 2021.
Vote for KYC Portal in the start-up Banking section by following this link here
           KYC Portal CLM - GRC automation 
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