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KYC Portal has been shortlisted in 5 different categories for the RegTech Insight Awards 2021 APAC! The shortlist is a result of award submissions which have been reviewed by A-Team Group’s editorial team and Advisory Board who considered the depth of involvement in APAC capital markets, relevance of a solution or service to a selected award category and the potential interest of a solution or service to our RegTech Insight community.


The on-boarding module within KYC Portal is called the Customer Outreach Tool, an embedded module that is part and parcel of the product which allows external subjects, to be able to on-board themselves seamlessly.

KYC Portal is equipped with a fully dynamic risk engine allowing you to define any aspect of risk both regulatory and internal risk appetite. This module allows the compliance team to be able to define the perception of risk based on low, medium, high and extreme.


KYC Portal’s configuration engine allows the organisation to be able to tweak and adapt the entire regulatory process at service level in real-time. Whenever a change or new adaption of risk interpretation is applied, the system will instantly re-assess all the subjects in the database, re-calculate the risk and alert the compliance team should the subject have moved across the brackets of the risk-based approach.

KYC Portal’s module called programmes, allows the compliance teams to be able to define anything from review processes, definition of the risk-based parameters, the dataset collected on entities, document requirements, workflows, rules, questionnaires, and much more… giving you a secure end-to-end data management system so that you are always prepared for both current and upcoming requirements.

The KYC Portal reporting module gives you a real-time dashboard view of your current situation by presenting you with a pre-defined sub-set of data sitting within your KYCP, whilst also allowing you to create your own reports from a corporate compliance aspect for internal purposes. This level of detailed reporting allows you to prepare all the information that you need for all regulatory requirements as well as filling the details for ancillary report requirements such as the Business Risk Assessment.

The Awards landing page can be found here where you will find a section for the 2021 categories with a short description, 2021 shortlist and details of the 2020 winners.


Voting will close at 5pm (UK) on Tuesday 10th August 2021.




Thank you for taking the time to vote, industry opinion is critical to the success of these awards. 
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