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People are now starting to get used to the “new normal” lifestyle, as social distancing has become part of the way we live and the way we expect certain things to happen. We will now start to choose contactless transactions in everything we do, from something as simple as online shopping to a more serious task such as opening a bank account.
As we’ve previously mentioned, we are seeing a new spike in demand for advanced technology and digital transformation, that allows the on-boarding and on-going process of KYC and AML to continue seamlessly and remotely. KYC Portal focuses on giving clients the ultimate customer experience through the many innovative features within the system.
Our main feature is the Customer Outreach Tool (COT), the on-boarding module within KYC Portal that allows external subjects, be it corporate structures or individuals, to be able to on-board themselves. The system presents the user with a guided three-step approach, all the information is presented to the user in a neat and simple form, which is dynamically maintained by the organisation itself. Another very important feature within this module is the ability to remove the dependence on email as a form of communication, allowing the end user to chat, conduct audio calls and face-to-face calls through the system itself, in case they encounter any problems during the on-boarding process or have any queries regarding their application.
 KYC Portal GRC Orchestration
The Customer Outreach Tool not only benefits the customer, however also the organisation itself; as clients are filling in the questionnaires and uploading all their relevant documents, KYCP is doing all the leg-work in the backend. Based on the data that the customer is filling in in the first step of the guided KYC approach (forms), the system is in real-time calculating the risk being perceived. According to the risk perceived in the first step, the system dynamically changes the requirements for the next steps (documents and questionnaires), based on the defined enhanced due diligence process set in KYCP. When a client submits an application; all the data, forms, documents and related material is passed on to your KYC Portal with the risk already calculated. Upon receipt of such applications, KYCP then allows you to automate the next steps using the workflows engine based on risk and data supplied.
KYC Portal GRC Orchestration 
As you can see, KYC Portal streamlines and simplifies the on-boarding process to be done 100% remotely and at the same time being automated and controlled in the back-end of KYCP, increasing the efficiency of your compliance team. 

KYC Portal is one of the most complete end-to-end lifecycle management solutions, catering for all the steps in the entire process and centralising the entire process flow involving all parties into one communal portal. Not on-boarding new clients during this pandemic is not an option for most, and on-boarding new clients without proper due diligence is too much of a risk, so get in touch with us today to learn how we can collaborate during these challenging times.

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