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We are excited to announce that we are once again Sibos 2021 partners — the world’s premier financial services event. While we will certainly still miss the in-person experience of meeting new clients, we look forward to connecting virtually!
KYC Portal invites you to join its team in the virtual world of Sibos 2021 from the 11th to the 14th of October - REGISTER NOW and get in touch with our team HERE.
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As the industry and wider world continues to adapt to transformative disruption, this year’s online conference will debate the topic of Recharging Global Finance, addressing how the financial ecosystem can reassess and reenergise to meet client, regulatory and societal demands of the future.
The ambitious Sibos 2021 programme will focus on how the industry can emerge from this period of disruption stronger than ever, and includes four interconnected sub-themes – digital acceleration, managing risk, transformative technology and banking on change.
Once again, we also entered the Sibos Discover Perfect Pitch competition in the Leadership stream! Leadership was chosen since KYC Portal directly targets some of the most significant pain points within the financial industry. When building the product, we focused on such pain points and wanted to ensure that KYC Portal addresses these in real life.
When analysing the industry's challenges, the pain point that took the number 1 spot was "change". The fact that regulations are constantly changing, that the elements of what risk is and what should trigger risk related processes are constantly changing, so we designed a solution that led to being the main USP of our product. KYC Portal allows the customer to manage all elements of the policy in the system, instantly updating the risk association on all records (be it newly on-boarded as well as older records already in the system). This allows for peace of mind when it comes to ensuring the exposure to risk. The built-in configuration engine is fully dynamic, it allows the compliance team to dynamically tweak, define and maintain their entire regulatory framework, not only at company level but also at service and product level.
Here is our entry video for the Discover Perfect Pitch LEADERSHIP stream at Sibos!
Book a virtual meeting with one of our representatives between the 11th and 14th October, to learn all about how KYC Portal can help automate your back office due diligence process and increase operational efficiencies.
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