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KYC Portal for Gaming - the ONLY solution on the market that provides full compliance with the MGA/FIAU 2017 AML and CFT requirements straight out of the box - providing a platform through which the data fields, mandated documents, questionnaires, risk factors and face-to-face interviewing are preset, ready for integration with existing infrastructure allowing the gaming industry, regardless of an operator’s size to hit the ground running and be fully compliant in as little as two weeks from initial install.

KYCP for Gaming has preset programmes for the following:
  • players (can be replicated easily by brand, product and jurisdiction)
  • affiliates
  • suppliers
  • physical establishments
  • employees
This configuration has been based on the latest consultation document as well as the basis of 4AMLD. KYCP allows an organisation to tweak all the aspects of the configuration through an easy to use interface, allowing for updating regulation and related risks whenever the guidance document will be issued in the future. This will instantly apply the new rules and risk factoring across all of the subjects sitting in your database with the respective changes.

KYCP for Gaming, is the based platform that allows gaming companies to become compliant in the least possible time with the least possible effort.

KYCP takes out the guesswork and fragmented task delegation out of the due diligence and compliance process, through a pre-built risk assessment framework, allowing for all required entity types, associated mandated documentation, data fields, interview questionnaires and required process checklists.

Through a highly visual interface which automatically recommends applications for approval or rejection, KYC Portal generates uniform risk ratings based on an operator’s specific risk appetite while removing human bias and the exclusive dependence on specialist risk and fraud teams.

Moreover, through KYC Portal, sanction list, adverse media and PEP screening as well as document validity verification are fully automated processes with integration via web services with 3rd party providers of the operator’s choice, with recursive checking carried out at least once daily across all existing player accounts.

Ongoing monitoring of player data, document lifespan validity and optionally, monitoring of transactions identifying suspicious activity before fraud can impact operations are equally carried out automatically, requiring zero human intervention until otherwise notified by preset triggers, effectively freeing up specialist resources to focus on operations of actual importance, rather than diluting the teams’ effectiveness across all existing accounts in an attempt to not fall foul of the law.

Additionally, KYC Portal offer a world first with its proprietary, embedded face-to-face interview functionality, through which players, regardless of geographic location are assessed for extended due diligence, with video recording being fully embedded in the system, disallowing any tampering, editing or even simple pausing of the interview, assuring operators, subjects and regulators alike of the validity of the resulting interview.

Additional unique features also include embedded facial recognition technology, wherein subjects undergoing extended due diligence get further assessed by comparing identification document photographs supplied with the video interview recordings to fully ascertain identity of the player beyond any doubt.

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