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KYC for Law Firms
Law firms address all aspects of contract negotiations and transactions, including tax, antitrust, bond financing, labor and employment, benefits, regulatory compliance, government approvals, and real estate. KYCP enables you to identify quickly key business and regulatory issues and facilitate the development of appropriate legal structures for a targeted transaction or relationship.

Legal due diligence is a complex topic however KYCP can help in making the entire process more efficient and reliable.

One of the main aspects of legal due diligence is the Knowing Your Business (KYB). Part of KYB is the process of conducting legal due diligence on target companie for purchase negotiations. This include the valuing of target companies with the recording and monitoring of specific documentation such as company's cash flows and balance sheet, organizational documents and important contracts, lawsuits, insurance policies and many more. Separate from this however the process also requires the inputting and signing of specific mandated documents by the clients.

KYCP has a very important feature that allows the organisation to set pre mandated document types to each entity, together with the setting of templates for the clients to start off with. The solution also allows you to send an encrypted link to the client directly so that the documents can be upladed directly.

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risk management solutions, compliance solution, kyc verification - KYC Portal Aqubix
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