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KYC Portal allows for the integration with financial transaction records both on a real-time perspective as well as a historical audit.
In the case of real time processes KYCP can be integrated with data-warehouses that collate all financial transactions for subjects. The rules and the audits that the company would like to monitor / flag as anomalies can be automated into the tool to be able to automatically highlight triggers that need to be alerted. Such alerts will be as real-time as the source of data is.
When transaction audits are imported (either real time via integration with data warehouses or uploading via CSV uploads) KYCP keeps the audit per subject allowing for a view and search module per subject throughout all the historical records.
This feature embedded with KYCP's ability to link all subjects based on unique elements allows for a very thorough analysis of transaction elements across not only the subject itself but also across the entire relationship of the subject. Thus anomalies and transaction patterns will be tracked across the subject and all the related entities that he / she is associated with.
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