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KYC Portal is the first tool on the market allowing for instant face-to-face video interviews with playback functionality. KYC Portal allows you to set such interviews on any subject within the portal. The subject can login to the interview session using any mobile device or desktop and start the video chat immediately. There are no plugins or local applications that need to be installed by the subject.
One of the main regulatory processes within compliance is the ability to meet and assess subjects in person (face to face). This requirement is becoming even more difficult to manage due to the international out-reach of clients to assess being based off-shore. In such cases the face-to-face meetings become even more difficult and also adding delays in the process of compliance. 
The inbuilt face-to-face video interview feature of KYCP allows organisations to be able to conduct such interviews at any point in time. All the interviews are also automatically recorded within KYCP itself keeping a full historical playable audit of all interviews. Such files are automatically encrypted at raw file level and can only be securely accessed from KYCP itself.
This feature is adding value to the compliance process for KYCP clients, so much so that the real life interviews that are done with subjects are also recorded on KYCP to be able to keep a full historical audit of what has been discussed throughout the real life interview itself.
The inbuilt technology instantly stores and records the video chat within the server where KYCP is running on even if the chat has been cut-off or stopped for whatever reason. The recording stores both the originators video as well as the subjects video so that the entire conversation is recorded in detail. 
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