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You would think that 7 minutes is way too short for a demo! Try 5!
Back in February 2017, KYC Portal was chosen to present amongst the top FinTech technologies on the market. We were given a 7 minute slot to present our technology to an audience of over 2,000 professionals within the financial services industry. After a lot of planning, rehearsing and a lot of cropping from the presentation itself, we managed to deliver an incredibly successful demo of KYC Portal in 7 minutes.
Earlier this year, KYC Portal was again selected as one of the top 20 RegTech technologies to be presented at the Global RegTech Summit in London. This time however we only had 5 minutes. It is incredible how valuable those 2 extra minutes were, back in 2017. This time round we had less time to present a much larger and bigger solution full of new features and modules.
Here is the video of our 5 minute presentation, focusing purely on the most unique features on the market that are delivering the most value to our customers. 
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