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KYC Portal CLM has won "Best Client On-Boarding Solution" Award at the RegTech Insight Awards Europe 2024!
These awards recognise both established providers and innovative newcomers providing RegTech solutions that have successfully improved firms’ ability to effectively respond to evolving and ever more complex regulatory requirements across the global financial services industry.
Congratulations to KYC Portal for winning the Best Client On-Boarding Solution award in this year’s A-Team Group RegTech Insight Awards Europe 2024. These awards celebrate excellence in RegTech solutions, services and consultancy for capital markets across Europe. The winners are selected by A-Team Group’s RegTech Insight community and demonstrate exceptional creativity in building solutions that solve regulatory challenges”, said Angela Wilbraham, CEO of A-Team Group and host of these awards.
The winners landing page can be found here
Key features of KYC Portal CLM'S customer outreach modules:
- KYC Portal has embedded links to send secure, authenticated request links directly to subjects. The ability to send fully tailored form requests to subjects for them to fill in digitally. Such forms are all dynamic and you get to configure and design all the rules of what clients can see as well as edit. The ability to send direct links to upload required documentation.
- The solution also allows for inbuilt, direct face to face video calls with subjects. A feature often used to reduce the risk of high risk customers that were not met face to face. Throughout the live call, the solution also matched the biometrics of the subject you are speaking with against the biometrics extracted from the subjects’ Proof of ID, verifying that the person on the call is biometrically the same as the one in the documents on record.
- Separate from the above direct links that are very beneficial for one to one communication, KYC Portal also has the Customer Outreach Tool (COT). This is a module for counterparties of a legal nature. Structures that involve multiple counterparts. This module allows your counterparts to view and manage the entire structure of the corporate, all related parties, the data and documents of such subjects, questionnaires and much more. A tool that adapts itself based on the real time risk. This module is not only used for onboarding but also for digitising outreach when it comes to ongoing reviews and remediation projects. A module that can be integrated with existing customer authentication methods such as Internet Banking.
For more information on how KYC Portal CLM can transform your onboarding processes, contact us on, or <book your demo> today. 
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