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KYC Portal allows for the interaction between the regulator or the organisation and the subjects themselves. Throughout the compliance process a lot of communication happens between the auditor and the subject. Such communication spans from inputting of information about the subject, filling in of questionnaires (such as the risk profile and residency questionnaires), as well as uploading of documents (such as passport scans and contracts).
KYCP allows the organisation to send a secure link to the subject to be able to access, input and upload all of their details directly. This includes the application details themselves, the mandated list of documents and questionnaires.
In order to ensure authenticity of the subject all documents uploaded and questionnaires filled are validated via two factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication consists of a banking standard secure 6 digit code that is sent to the user on his mobile phone.
If inputted correctly and within the time protocol set by the system then the user is duly authenticated and given full access to the data that the subject has been granted access to.
This two factor authentication method is also used to authenticate the user prior to starting a record-able video face-to-face conference session.
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